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About Colin Keogh

Colin is a mechanical engineer with experience in product design, vehicle transport systems, renewable energies, materials recycling, medical/Assistive technologies and innovative design. He has been working as a research engineer in UCD since graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Energy Systems Engineering from UCD. After working with a number of large European Union FP7 funded research projects (Arbor and EnAlage), he undertook his own research in the product design, innovation and additive manufacturing areas. His background as a vehicle mechanic, gives him unique insight and skills in the workshop and in practical problem solving,

He has acted as a collaborator and technical advisor with a range of technology start-ups, established companies, large corporations and government bodies. He acts as a 3D printing specialist and as a consultant in the areas of 3D printing, 3d modelling and product design. He lectures in the Institute of Technology Tallaght & UCD, in the Instrumentation and Control and engineering design/prototyping fields. He co-founded a charity project in 2014, The Rapid Foundation, which aims to disperse 3d printing technology to 3rd world locations and conduct printing workshops with schools in the UK and Ireland. This charity project won the IMechE Charity grant, won him the 2016 Fritz Schumacher award and was a noted project in the 2016 UN Global Sustainable Development Report.  This work is linked to work undertaken in the assistive technologies space, helping to advise and develop solutions for disabled and under privileged people globally, working with groups like Enable Ireland, Inclusive Design Research Centre of Ireland and other assistive technology groups. He is currently leading the Printastic project in UCD, in conjunction with the Department of the Environment, investigating the recycling and repurposing of waste plastic materials in the oceans utilising low cost, low tech solutions supported by 3D printing technologies.

He is also very active in the engineering profession in Ireland, having been a committee member of Engineers Ireland and the IMechE since 2011, Vice Chair of both young members divisions from 2014-2016, now Chairman both young members divisions. He is an avid science communicator and loves to attend/mentor/support events in engineering, design and hackathon space, having worked with groups such as UCD, TCD Science Gallery, TOG, Engineers Ireland, Pint of Science, Dublin Maker etc.


Forbes European 30 Under 30 (Science & Medicine)


Realising future concepts via design, innovation and engineering for all mankind.


Unqiue mix of Practical, Theoretical, R&D and Academic.


Awarded the Fritz Schumacher Award for 2016 for overseas work with the Rapid Foundation.

An award is given to recognize individuals for their outstanding contribution to alleviating poverty in the developing world through innovative, simple and sustainable engineering and technology solutions. The award recognizes work in one or more of the following fields:    Urban poverty,    Water,    Sanitation & health,    Sustainable energy access,    Sustainable agriculture,    Disaster risk reduction,    Climate change,    Gender
The award is intended for someone who has had marked positive effects on the quality of life of poor communities in the developing world – in Africa, Asia or Latin America. They will have created a new technology or conducted innovative research to enable product design for sustainable poverty alleviation.

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Disruptive Technology

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Engineering in Ireland

Active committee member of Engineers Ireland and the IMechE Ireland Boards since 2011, gaining the role of Vice Chair of both young members divisions from 2014-2016, and subsequently the role of  Chairman both Engineers Ireland Young Engineers Society and iMechE Young Member Panel ROI.


Everybody has the potential to solve their own problems, they only require the support.


Doing what other engineers won't, finding solutions that   others engineers can't.

Engineering in Europe

Represents Ireland on the European Young Engineers network, acting as a council members developing the future of the group.

Also elected to the role of Task force member for the EYE to take a leading role the development of the network throughout Europe.