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Dr. Colin Keogh

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Colin is an award-winning highly driven & innovative Engineer, with qualifications & experience in innovative technologies in the Mechanical and Energy engineering sector. He is currently leading new research in the Energy, Environment, 3D Printing and Innovation fields at UCD, with a focus on policy & technology forecasting, advancing additive manufacturing, 3rd world social entrepreneurial applications of additive manufacturing and integrating advanced technologies social, environmental, philanthropic and entrepreneurial activities. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Energy Systems Engineering from UCD. He is currently undertaking a PhD in engineering in UCD focusing on improving innovation methodologies using disruptive technologies. 

He co-founded a social enterprise in 2014, The Rapid Foundation, which aims to disperse 3d printing technology to 3rd world locations and conduct printing workshops with schools in the UK and Ireland. Its goal is to change the way developmental aid is distributed, and improve the innovation potential of all people, regardless of their circumstances. This work won the IMechE 2016 Fritz Schumacher award and was a noted project in the 2016 UN Global Sustainable Development Report. This work resulted in him being named as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 for Europe in Science and Healthcare, as one of JCI’s Ten Outstanding Young People for 2017 and as a 2017 Nissan Generation Next Ambassador. 

Colin is also an active technology consultant and developer, advising a number of companies and bodies, from small start-ups to government departments, in areas such as disruptive technologies, engineering practice, advanced energy systems, innovation, design and early stage growth & prototyping. He has a number of ongoing entrepreneurial activities in the renewable energy, 3d printing, social network and technical consultancy fields, and currently runs innovation training workshops and talks for diverse groups from large multinationals down to classes of disabled students. He is a leader in the Irish start-up space, and has worked with Techstars on a number of programs (Startupweekend & Techstars Accelerator Program and is a co-organizer of Dublin Startup Week) along with various other ecosystem partners.

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